CPATH is the largest national multidisciplinary, professional organization in the world, working to support the health, wellbeing, and dignity of trans and gender diverse people (trans). Among the professionals included in our membership are family physicians, endocrinologists, pediatricians, surgeons, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, educators, and lawyers, as well as organizational members that provide front line services and support to trans people across Canada. Professional members, both cisgender and trans, are responsible for the governance of the organization, and lay trans and allied community members attend our conferences and contribute as volunteers on committees.

Learn more about the organization in the About CPATH section.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming conference, to be held in British Columbia in the fall of 2017!  Visit our Conferences section for updates.

NEW – October 2015 – UFCW-CPATH State of Publicly Funded Transition-Related Medical Care in Canada

We are also pleased to announce our upcoming project, developing a nationwide Community of Practice.  This initiative will connect providers and professionals across the country and create opportunities for sharing and learning.  To learn more or to find out how to get involved please email CoP@cpath.ca.  To express an interest in joining the project please complete an application for committees.

UPDATE 5th June, 2015 – CPATH’s recommendations for Ontario’s Bill 77: Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act 2015 were recently presented to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy. For more details, visit the Letters and Submissions section, or click here for a direct link to the Bill 77 submission document.

For general inquiries please contact info@cpath.ca


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