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Advocacy vs. activism…

December 21, 2009

Advocacy represents the strategies devised, actions taken and solutions proposed to influence decision-making on a particular cause/issue. The purpose being to create positive change for people and their environments.  Individuals, organizations, businesses and governments can all engage in advocacy activities.

Topics or activities should provide a non-partisan viewpoint, adhere to professional standards of your occupation, and focus on the health impacts of an issue.

What does “cisgender” mean?…

December 14, 2009

As the prefix hetero- followed homo- in the 1950’s, so has trans- with cis- at the turn of this century. Cisgender or cissexual was first coined on the internet in the mid-1990’s, and later picked up academically (in particular queer studies) to refer to individuals who are not transsexual and who have only ever experienced their gender identity and physical sex as being aligned. It is actually quite practical and has its roots in chemistry where cis- and trans- are used to describe molecular isomers, or ‘reflections in a mirror’, the same but not at all. Similarly it is now applied to the binary individual: transman vs cisman and transwoman vs ciswoman. As to whether a transperson becomes a cisperson following transition… let the debate begin!

Catherine White Holman remembered…

December 7, 2009

By Randy Shore @ Vancouver Sun Dec 1, 2009


Photo: S. Holman

Social worker Catherine White Holman was a pioneer in Vancouver’s Downtown neighbourhoods, bringing health services to the most marginalized people in the city, according to long-time colleague Trevor Corneil. “Catherine was a remarkable person,” said Corneil, a physician at Three Bridges Community Health Centre where Holman was a founding staff member. “I have worked with Catherine for 15 years, since I started out as a resident, and I have seen her help thousands of people.” Holman was among the six people killed when their seaplane crashed soon after takeoff near Saturna Island Sunday November 29th.